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Chemical name:3-Aminopropyltrimethoxysilane

Structural Formula:

CAS NO:13822-56-5


AppearanceColorless Transparent Liquid
Purity≥97%, ≥98%
Molecular Weight179.28
Refractive Index(n25D)1.4205~1.4225


  1. It can improve the physical and electrical properties of mineral-filled phenolics, epoxies, polyamides, polybutylene terephthalate and many other thermoset and thermoplastic composites. Filler wetting and dispersibility in the polymer matrix can also be improved.
  2. In shell molding, this silane can strengthen the bond between the phenolic binder and foundry sand.
  3. As a phenolic resin binder additive, HENGDA-M8133 silane coupling agent can impart moisture resistance and allow recovery after compression.
  4. HENGDA-M8133 is an excellent adhesion promoter to consider for use in many coating, adhesive, and sealant systems. With polysulfide, urethane, RTV silicones, epoxy, nitrile, and phenolic adhesives and sealants, the product can improve pigment dispersion and adhesion to glass, aluminum, steel and various other substrates.