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Carbon black for sealant


high tinting strength,easy dispersibility,high purity,high fluidity,high blackness

The characteristics of products are high blackness,high tinting strength,high gloss,excellent hue and good dispersion .The products can be widely used in polyurethane sealant ,sealant for insulating glass, automobile sealant, butty sealant, poly sulfide rubber sealant and other products,the product has good flexibility, can suit the different conditions of products using condition.

The fineness of the product is more than 1000 items,the carbon black for sealant has excellent dispersion,high gloss,and better reinforcing ability.It can replace the imported carbon black with   expensive price.Compared with their products, our products are of high quality and low price.

ShapeParticle (nm)Surface area (NSA m²/g)DBP Absorption(cm³/100g)Tinting strength (%)PHBlackness