How to Choose a Silane Coupling Agent

All silane coupling agents with three OR groups on silicon should bond equally well with an inorganic substrate. Our brand product line includes a variety of organofunctional alkoxysilanes.

Silane coupling agents and surface conditioning in dentistry

Silane coupling agents and surface conditioning in dentistry,In dental restorations, it is desirable to have durable and strong bonding between resin composite and dental restorative materials.


Commercial production of the first grades of precipitated silica took place in 1948. At this time, natural rubber had barely relinquished its position as the principal, if not only, elastomer in commercial use.

Zeolite-based mixed matrix membranes for hazardous gas removal

Typical silane coupling agents include (3-aminopropyl)-triethoxymethyl silane (APTES), (3-aminopropyl)-diethoxymethyl silane (APDEMS), and aminopropyldimethylethoxy silane (APDMES).