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Organic silicon permeable concrete waterproofing agent

Product Features

Good heat resistance. This product has a high decomposition temperature after normalized film formation at room temperature. It will not decompose or change color after long-term use at 100℃

Good cold resistance. This product has excellent low temperature flexibility due to its silicone molecular structure. Therefore, it has good cold resistance, can be used at 25℃, and can withstand the cold and hot contrast of 20℃-20℃.

Strong hydrophobicity. Because the organic genes in its molecular chain are arranged on the side groups of silicon and oxygen, its contact with water is comparable to that of paraffin.

UV resistant. It has a reflective ability to sunlight. Reduce the erosion of the roof by ultraviolet rays, extend the color and gloss of the wall itself.

Good chemical resistance. After curing, this product has good oil resistance and chemical resistance. It has good resistance to strong acids, weak bases and chlorine gas.

Strong adhesion. Under normal conditions, the adhesion grade of this product to asphalt and cement concrete is first class.

The construction is simple and easy to repair.

Solvent category

This product is a penetrating waterproof agent, which can penetrate into the interior of the substrate (2-5mm penetration of cement concrete, 20mm penetration of asphalt concrete) and chemically react with it to form a dense waterproof layer, which can effectively inhibit the penetration of moisture while maintaining Breathability.


Various places such as bathroom, kitchen, balcony, exterior wall, basement, warehouse, etc.

Cement, asphalt, marble, wood, ceramic tile, other stone and other materials are suitable.


This product has the best construction effect under the condition of 5℃-30℃. Outdoor construction must be carried out on sunny days.

Pre-construction conditions: clean the base surface to ensure it is clean, dry and level.

Spray or spray the product evenly.

Spray method: suitable for flat concrete projects (such as flat roofs, toilets, bridges, squares, etc.). Use a motorized sprayer or manual sprayer to spray the product evenly on the object surface, which can be sprayed twice, with an interval of about 40 minutes, so as to ensure that the product fully penetrates into the concrete and achieves the waterproof effect.

Brushing method: suitable for uprights and more complex projects (such as house exterior walls). Use a brush, roller fence and other tools to evenly roll over the surface of the object to allow the product to completely penetrate the wall and dry to form a film.


The construction surface should be dry and clean, and if there is any crack, it should be repaired first.

It must be used immediately after opening. If the spray bottle is not used up, please remove the spray head and clean it with alcohol for the next use.

If it comes into contact with eyes and skin during construction, please immediately rinse thoroughly with clean water, if there is still discomfort, please consult a doctor immediately.

No contact with open flames.

Safe and healthy

This product is not edible. Keep out of reach of children. This product is colorless, non-toxic and non-polluting.