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HENGDA-M3123 2-(3,4-Epoxycyclohexyl)ethyltrimethoxy silane

Chemical Name: 2-(3,4-Epoxycyclohexyl)ethyltrimethoxy silane

CAS#: 3388-04-3

Structural Formula:          TDS

Equivalent: Dow Corning Z-6043,Momentive A-186,SHinEtsu KBM-303

Typical Properties:

Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid
Molecular Weight246.4
Specific Gravity (ρ20°C, g/cm3):1.065
Refractive Index (nD25)1.130
Boiling Point (°C)310
Flash Point (°C)163
Purity (%)≥98.0


 Silane coupling agent HENGDA-M3123 is mainly used in the modification of engineering plastic material, paint, coatings, inks, casting resins, adhesives, sealants, glass fiber, abrasives and electronic packaging material.
 As a bonding accelerator, it can be used as adhesion promoter, surface modifier, dispersant, mainly used to improve the binding and compatibility between inorganic mineral powders or fiber to polymer (resin), and attached force and water resistance of resin coating on the inorganic substrate.
 It is used as adhesion in applications as follow:
Improve the package reliability of electronic potting materials and other sealing materials.
Enhance the adhesion of sealant: polyurethane, acrylic, epoxy, silicon rubber to glass and metal
An excellent adhesion promoter for resins: such as epoxy resin, phenolic resin, polyester resin, polysulfide rubber, polyamide, acrylic resin, PBT, polyurethane and so on.

25 kg, 200kg plastic or iron drum

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