Classification by product nature

One-component silicone glass glue is divided into: acid glass glue, neutral glass glue

1.Acid glass glue

Mainly used for general bonding between glass and other building materials.

1).It is suitable for sealing, clogging, leakproof and weatherproof purposes. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor (the indoor effect is better). The effect of anti-seepage and leak-proof is remarkable.
2).Bonding various interior decorations of automobiles, including: metal, fabric and organic fabric and plastic.
3).Join gaskets on heating and cooling equipment.
4).Add ribs, nameplates, paint and plastic materials without screw holes on the metal surface.
5).Seal the window on the oven door, the flue on the gas appliance, the pipe joint, and the passage door.
6).Provide anti-leakage pads for gear boxes, compressors, pumps, etc.
7).Seal the cabin and windows.
8).Sealing of glass windows of trailers and truck cabs
9).Bond and seal equipment parts.
10).Form anti-wear coating.
11).Inlay and fill thin metal sheet stacks, pipe networks and equipment enclosures.

Neutral glass glue

It does not corrode metal materials, and can be applied to alkaline materials. The scope of application is wider, and the market price is slightly higher than acid glue.
Neutral glue is divided into: stone sealant, mildewproof sealant, fireproof sealant, pipeline sealant
1. It is suitable for weather-proof sealing of various curtain walls, especially recommended for weather-resistant sealing of glass curtain walls, aluminum-plastic panel curtain walls and stone dry hanging;
2. Seam sealing between metal, glass, aluminum, ceramic tile, organic glass and coated glass;
3. Connection and sealing of the surface of concrete, cement, masonry, stone, marble, steel, wood, anodized aluminum and Xuqi aluminum. Most couples don’t need to use the bottom to lick.

Silicone structure sealant

The metal and glass structure or non-structural adhesive assembly used for glass curtain walls has the highest quality requirements and product grades among glass adhesives, and its market price is also the highest.


It is mainly used for the structural or non-structural bonding assembly between the metal and glass of the glass curtain wall.

It can directly connect the glass and the surface of the metal component to form a single assembly component, which meets the design requirements of the curtain wall with fully hidden or semi-hidden frames.

Structural adhesive sealing of insulating glass.

Two-component Silicone adhesive

The two-component silicone sealant is mainly a condensed type, used as a sealant for building structures, filling and bonding gaps between glass and metal on doors and windows; secondary sealing of hollow glass components in construction, refrigeration, vehicle manufacturing and other industries.

xcellent weather resistance, high and low temperature resistance, good elasticity, buffering effect, glass is not easy to break, good acid and alkali resistance. High modulus, high strength, high adhesion, no irritating odor; resistant Aging, UV resistance, water resistance, ozone resistance; large resistance to joint displacement, fast curing, no pollution.