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Super waterproof aquarium use adhesive acid silicone glue with strong adhesioon



CAS No.NoneOther NamesSilicone Adhesive Sealant
MF:MixtureEINECS No.:None
Main Raw Material:SiliconeUsage:Construction, Decoration, Sanitary, Kitchen, Curtain wall, Bondi.
Type:Neutral Silicone sealantProduct Type:Acid adhesive for large glass
Application: Bonding metals, ceramics, plastics, iron,stainless steel,glassFeature:Strong Adhesion
Color:Black or transparentWeight:300g
300mlSurface drying time:10min
Function:Sealing GapsAdvantage:Fast cure, excellent waterproof, weather resistant,UV resistant
Shelf life:9-12 MonthsClassfication:Other Adhesives

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1.Single-component, acid-curing large glass adhesive, with excellent bonding properties.
2.Excellent weathering resistance, high and low temperature resistance, fast curing speed.
3.After curing, it still maintains good temperature range from -50 ° C to + 150 ° C performance.

Range of use:

1.Installation of various doors and windows.
2.Bonding and sealing of large flat glass, aquarium glass, etc.
3.Bonding and sealing of glass fish tanks and various glass assembly projects.
4.Many other architectural and industrial uses.

Instruction of use:

1.Before construction, the adhesion test of the structural adhesive and the adhered substrate should be done to confirm the applicability of the product.
2.The substrate should be thoroughly cleaned with a solvent or a suitable cleaning agent, kept dry, and applied within 30 minutes of cleaning.
3.Sizing should ensure that the gap is fully filled to make the adhesive layer dense, closely contact the surface of the substrate, and repair the rubber joint within 5 minutes after sizing.
4.Suitable for sizing temperature range 5 ℃ -40 ℃.

Use limitations:

1.It should not be used in the interface buried in the ground or in the case of long-term immersion in water.
2.The surface of the material containing oil or exudate should not be used.
3.It should not be used in tightly-ventilated places.
4.Not suitable for frosted or wet surfaces.