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HENGDA-M5132 γ-chloropropylmethyldimethoxysilane

Chemical Name: γ-chloropropylmethyldimethoxysilane

CAS#: 18171-19-2

Structural Formula:      TDS

Equivalent: TBD,CPMDMO,KBM-702

Typical Properties:

Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid
Molecular Weight182.7
Specific Gravity (ρ20°C, g/cm3):1.014-1.024
Refractive Index (nD25)1.420-1.430
Boiling Point (°C)70
Flash Point (°C)80
Purity (%)≥98.0


 This product can be used as intermediate to produce many kinds of coupling agents and silicone oil.
 In the rubber industry, the strength of polyurethane elastomer can be enhanced by inducing polarized chloro propyl group from this product. It is also applicable to synthesize vulcanized rubber with low penetrativity, low rolling resistance and high elasticity & elongation rate.
 In the plastic industry, it can be used to restrain the dialysis of PVC plasticizer, keep the plastic clean, as absorbent for polyurethane foam to improve its climate adaptability.
 In the textile industry, fabric can be softened and more elasticized by an agent from this product.
 In the printing industry, it can be made into electric toner used in xerography and image display.

25 kg, 200kg plastic or iron drum

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