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Chemical Name:


CAS#: 15396-00-6

Structural Formula:

Typical Properties

Purity:≥ 98
Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid
Density:1.020~1.080 g/cm³
Molecular Weight:205 g/mol
Refractive Index (nD25)1.4190~1.4220

Key Features and Typical Benefits

Features and Typical Benefits of Silylated Urethanes: Isocyanate Functionality Trimethoxysilyl

  • Reactive with -OH, -NH2, and -SH functional polyols and polymers, providing a moisture-cure silane crosslink mechanism
  • Provides good adhesion to difficult substrates when employed as an adhesion promoter
  • Offers fast hydrolysis in the presence of atmospheric moisture
  • Provides superior wet adhesion to glass, metal and other inorganic substrates
  • Resulting bond offers excellent thermal, chemical and UV stability


  • Stored in a container with an anti-corrosion lining. The storage place must be locked. The room should be sealed and stored indoors. Keep it ventilated, cool and dry.
  • After the product is unsealed, the container containing the remaining product should be vented with dry nitrogen or other dry inert gas to prevent airborne air the water invades and gels.
  • The product is easily hydrolyzed under normal pressure conditions, stored in original unopened containers, the shelf life of this product is 12 months from the date of production.


200 L plastic bucket, 25 L plastic bucket. Special specifications need to be ordered

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