Sealants and adhesives

Sealants and adhesives

         Sealants and adhesives have been widely used in different areas in the world. On many occasions, adhesives can effectively replace welding, riveting, snails and other mechanical connections. It helps to simplify production process, reduce cost and improve economic efficiency.

         Adding silane coupling agents in adhesives and sealants can not only improve adhesion, but also improves durability, moisture resistance and heat resistance.

         The shear strength retention rate of the bonded parts after moist heat aging is improved from about 80% to about 97%. Silane coupling agents can even be used directly as an adhesive for bonding metal to silicone rubber, fluororubber, nitrile rubber, etc.

         Silane coupling agents can improve the heat resistance, self-extinguishment, dimensional stability and other properties of organic adhesives and sealants.

         In order to reduce the cost of organic adhesives and sealants, inorganic fillers are often added as fillers.



In adhesive pretreatment, the silane coupling agents are added to improve the compatibility and dispersion of inorganic fillers. And silane coupling agents can effectively reduces the viscosity of the system, thus increasing the amount of inorganic filler.


Silane coupling agent can form  the “molecular bridge” between inorganic materials and organic materials, thus connect the two materials of completely different properties together. That’s how silane coupling agents effectively improve the bond strength of the interface layer.


Silane coupling agents effectively improve heat resistance, self extinguishment and dimensional stability of organic adhesives, and improve the durability, heat resistance and moisture resistance.

Recommended silane coupling agents for sealants & adhesives

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