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The Best Silane Coupling Agent -Specially for Fiberglass

The fiberglass composites were first discovered in the 1940s. When initially fabricated, these new composites were very strong, but their strength declined rapidly during aging. These weakening were caused by a loss of bond strength between the glass and resin. In seeking a solution, researchers found that organofunctional silanes-silicon chemicals that contain both organic and […]

The Silane coupling agent used in Fiberglass Finishing Process

This article will indicate how the Silane coupling agent used in Fiberglass Finishing Process Fiberglass and fiberglass reinforced polyester composites are now essential components in many major applications due to their high strength, high modulus and superior electrical insulating property. Without them, many of the materials we rely on today would not exist. Meanwhile, and […]

Silane Coupling Agents Used In Fiberglass Surface Treatment

In the traditional production of glass fiber, the fiber drawing will increase the fuzz generation, make the filaments hardly bonds together and occurred the fiber breaking easily. In order to facilitate fiber manufacturing, a special organic surface treating agent, usually called fiber sizing, is needed to apply on the surface of fiberglass. It is a thin […]

Why Silane Coupling Agents Are Used On Fiberglass and Composites

Fiberglass and its reinforced polyester composites are widely used in aerospace, auto bodies, chemical and automation industries for their high specific modulus, high specific strength and outstanding design ability. Fiberglass and the resin matrix are hardly to achieve satisfactory bond strength at the interface as the surface of fiberglass is very smooth. Fiberglass consists mainly […]

Reinforcement of Dental Methacrylate with Glass Fiber after Heated Silane Application

1Department of Operative Dentistry and Dental Materials, Dental School, Federal University of Goiás, Praça Universitária, s/n, Setor Universitário, 74605-220 Goiânia, GO, Brazil 2Department of Restorative Dentistry, Health Sciences Center, Federal University of Paraíba, 58051-900 João Pessoa, PB, Brazil Received 28 February 2014; Revised 25 April 2014; Accepted 6 May 2014; Published 20 May 2014 Academic […]

Effect of temperature on the silane coupling agents when bonding core resin to quartz fiber posts

Objectives. To evaluate the effect of different silane coupling agents and air-drying temperatures on bond strength of translucent quartz fibre posts to composite resin. Methods. The post surface was etched with 10 vol% hydrogen peroxide for 20 min. A two- liquid coupling agent containing 4-methacryolxyethyl trimellitate anhydride (4-META) and ‘Y-trimethoxysilyil propyl methacrylate (‘Y-MPTS) and two […]