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The silane and silicon used in the polysulfide sealant

In this article we will learn that the silane coupling agent and silicon used in the polysulfide sealant. The polysulfide sealant has excellent oil and solvent resistance, low air permeability, good elasticity and superior mechanical properties, can achieve good bond strength to both metal and non-metal. The polysulfide sealant is an important adhesive in many […]

The silane coupling agent in resin coated sands

In this article we will learn how the silane coupling agent used in resin coated sand. In casting production, many natural and synthetic resins are used as the core sand binder, the process of strength building process is very interesting. At the begging, the liquid resin with catalyst were coated in sand surface and forming […]

Effect of silane coupling agent in silicone rubber

Silicone rubber is composed by silicon-oxygen bond(-Si-O-)which has a big bond energy and bond angle, so silicone rubber has a good heat resistance, superior uv resistance, excellent weather resistance and outstanding flexibility and low temperature resistance. Therefore, silicone rubber is widely used in aerospace, military, medical equipment, rail transit, construction, electronics, automobile, electrical insulation and […]

The application of silane coupling agent in adhesive

From now, the application of adhesives has penetrated into various fields of the national economy. On many occasions, adhesives can effectively replace welding, riveting, screw-joint and many other mechanical connections. Practice has shown that this method has the effects of reducing costs, increasing strength, simplifying technology, saving energy and increasing economic efficiency. As the fast […]

The Best Silane Coupling Agent -Specially for Fiberglass

The fiberglass composites were first discovered in the 1940s. When initially fabricated, these new composites were very strong, but their strength declined rapidly during aging. These weakening were caused by a loss of bond strength between the glass and resin. In seeking a solution, researchers found that organofunctional silanes-silicon chemicals that contain both organic and […]

The Silane coupling agent used in Fiberglass Finishing Process

This article will indicate how the Silane coupling agent used in Fiberglass Finishing Process Fiberglass and fiberglass reinforced polyester composites are now essential components in many major applications due to their high strength, high modulus and superior electrical insulating property. Without them, many of the materials we rely on today would not exist. Meanwhile, and […]

Silane Coupling Agents Used In Fiberglass Surface Treatment

In the traditional production of glass fiber, the fiber drawing will increase the fuzz generation, make the filaments hardly bonds together and occurred the fiber breaking easily. In order to facilitate fiber manufacturing, a special organic surface treating agent, usually called fiber sizing, is needed to apply on the surface of fiberglass. It is a thin […]