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NOTICE -Qingdao Hengda New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Our company name has been changed from “Qingdao Hengda Zhongcheng Technology Co., Ltd.” to “Qingdao Hengda New Material Technology Co., Ltd.”from May 25,2022. This change will not affect any other company information which includes address, telephone number, website,e-mail address, bank name and bank account number, etc.

Silanes and Silicones for Epoxy Resins

Silane coupling agents find applications as adhesion promoters for composites and coatings. Silanes have the ability to form covalent bonds with inorganic substrates and epoxy resins. Most commonly, epoxycyclohexyl- and glycidoxy-functional silanes are used to pretreat fillers or are blended with the epoxy resin.


Isobutyric acid is a branched ftty acid comprising propanoic acid carrying a methyl branch at C-2. It has a role as a volatile oill component, a plant metabolite and a Dapnia magna metabolite. It is a branched-chain saturated fatty acid, a methy-branched fatty acid and a fatty acid 4:0. Itis a conjugate acid of an isobutyrate.