Silanes and Silicones for Epoxy Resins

Silane coupling agents find applications as adhesion promoters for composites and coatings. Silanes have the ability to form covalent bonds with inorganic substrates and epoxy resins. Most commonly, epoxycyclohexyl- and glycidoxy-functional silanes are used to pretreat fillers or are blended with the epoxy resin.

The interface can be dramatically enhanced with a coupling agent

Silane coupling agents, which are synthetic hybrid inorganic-organic compounds, are used to promote adhesion between dissimilar materials.

Silanes have many other applications in dentistry

One of the most important aspects in the field of dentistry is adhesion. Adhesion can be enhanced through different mechanisms, most commonly by chemical and mechanical modifications of dental material surfaces.

Nanoparticles incorporated in silane sol–gel coatings

Concentration of silane precursor is another key factor influencing on the correction protection properties of the silane films. Effects of silane concentration on the thickness of BTSE silane fresh and cured films are presented in Fig. 23.7.

Effect of silane coupling agent and air plasma treatment

Silane coupling agent bears alkoxysilane groups and a large number of functional groups which ensure a good compatibility between the reinforcing element and the polymer matrix.

glass surface with a silane coupling agent reduces this “water loving”

Glass is known to be a “water loving” (the technical term…