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Chemical Name:Methyltrimethoxysilane


Structural Formula:     TDS

Product Description:

AppearanceColorless transparent liquid
Refractive Index(ND251.367-1.370
Specific Gravity(20℃,g/ml)0.950-0.960
Molecular Weight136.2
Boiling Point(℃,1atm)102


 Silane HENGDA-M7013 is a monomeric alkyalkoxysilane with the shortest alkyl group that, when exposed to moisture, is an important component in Sol-Gel systems.

 Silane HENGDA-M7013 is a colorless, low viscosity liquid. Use requires acid- or alkali-catalysed hydrolysis. It’s regarded as trifunctional since all three alkoxy groups are able to participate in this reaction. Additionally it contains a methyl group that adds organic character to the products. Hydrolysis leads to silanol groups which, in a subsequent condensation reaction, from very stable siloxane bonds (-Si-O-Si-).

 High-performance penetrating sealers: Premium-grade penetrating sealers are easily formulated by blending 10 to 40 percent HENGDA-M7013 in alcohols or organic solvents.

 Sol-Gel system: It is an important component in Sol-Gel system.

 Filler dispersion: HENGDA-M7013 can be used as a surface modifier to generate hydrophobicity (e.g. mineral fillers or inorganic pigments). The medium-chain alkyl functionality in unique compound properties when HENGDA-M7013 treated minerals or pigments are incorporated into polymers e.g. PP, PE. Loading levels of 0.5 to 1.5 wt% HENGDA-M7013 based on the weight of minerals or pigments are typically recommended.


25 kg, 200kg plastic or iron drum。

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