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HENGDA-E1103 - Phenyltriethoxysilane

Phenyltriethoxysilane is a chemical compound belonging to the organosilane family. Its chemical structure consists of a phenyl group (C₆H₅-) attached to a silicon atom via three ethoxy (OC₂H₅) groups.

  • Chemical Name:


  • CAS No.


  • P-Triethoxy


Surface Modification: It is primarily used as a coupling agent and surface modifier in various industrial applications. The phenyl group can impart specific properties such as hydrophobicity and enhanced adhesion to surfaces like glass, metals, ceramics, and polymers.

Coatings and Sealants: Phenyltriethoxysilane is employed in formulations of coatings, sealants, and adhesives where improved resistance to moisture, chemicals, and weathering is desired. The ethoxy groups are hydrolyzable, allowing the silane to bond effectively with substrates upon application.

Electronic and Optoelectronic Materials: It finds use in the electronics industry for producing thin films, encapsulants, and dielectric materials due to its ability to form stable and durable coatings.

Hybrid Materials: Phenyltriethoxysilane serves as a precursor in the synthesis of organic-inorganic hybrid materials, where it contributes to enhancing mechanical properties, thermal stability, and resistance to environmental factors.

Biomedical Applications: In biomedical engineering, it can be used to modify surfaces of medical devices or implants to improve biocompatibility and reduce fouling.

Phenyltriethoxysilane is valued for its ability to modify surface characteristics and improve material performance across various industrial sectors, including construction, automotive, electronics, and healthcare. Its versatility makes it a crucial component in advanced materials research and applications where tailored surface properties are required.


20kg, 200kg plastic or iron drum, IBC drum