Silane coupling agents are used early in tire industry, with the largest amount and excellent performance. With the continuous improvement of the tire performance, silane coupling agents have developed rapidly in the rubber industry, especially in tire industry. Estimated use of silane coupling agents is about 1000 tons per year, with 20% annual increasing. In Foreign markets, Michelin needs 5000~6000 tons per year, and the total foreign demand is estimated at 20000 tons per year.

Silane coupling agent is used in sulphur vulcanized rubber system filled with silica fillers. It’s used in low rolling resistance tires, temperature resistant adhesive tape with long shelf life, hose and durable sports soles. The white carbon black and other inorganic fillers treated with silane coupling agent are added to the rubber, and the final products will have high wear resistance and wear life.


●Modification for rubber processing

●Adhesion promotion between rubber and fillers

●Wear-resistant agent for special rubber

Recommended silane coupling agents for rubber