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Silane chemlcal waterproof agent for bulldIng

The small molecular structure penetrates the cemented surface and penetrates into the concrete to chemically react with the air and the water molecules in the substrate exposed to the acidic or alkaline environment to form a water-repellent treatment layer, thereby inhibiting moisture from entering the substrate. Produces waterproof, anti-Cl-, anti-ultraviolet properties and has breathability.

It can effectively prevent the base material from being corroded, loosened, spalled and mildewed by concrete, internal steel bar structure due to water seepage, sunlight, acid rain and seawater erosion, and increase the service life of the building.

The protected substrate has good water repellency and retains its original appearance.

Alkaline environments, such as concrete that is poured shortly, will stimulate this reaction and accelerate the formation of a water-repellent layer.

Widely used in various types of reinforced concrete structures, such as commercial buildings (internal and external walls and roofs and floors of high-end buildings), parking lots, garages, warehouses and cold storage, swimming pools, bridge structures, highways, ports and docks, offshore engineering, etc.

Especially suitable for high-grade concrete structures used in harsh environments, roads eroded by salt spray and ice salt, overpasses, telephone poles, sewage treatment ponds, landfills, and plateau areas with large temperature differences  .


  1. The surface of the substrate should be cleaned before use, and all treated surfaces should be free of accumulated water, dirt, dust, oil and other contaminants.
  2. Use sealed spray guns, rollers or brushes for construction.If applying with a brush or roller, it should be applied repeatedly, keeping the surface wet for a few minutes.If a sealed spray gun is used, spraying should be continued until the substrate is completely penetrated. When working on the facade, spraying should be carried out from the bottom to the top to make the vertical flow length reach 15-20cm.
  3. Before use, in order to ensure compatibility and achieve the desired waterproof effect, each surface to be treated should be subjected to application testing.


  1. This product is flammable. It will release a small amount of ethanol after curing. Pay attention to safety precautions. Do not expose to air. When storing and using this product, pay attention to ventilation and keep it away from sparks, heat sources, and open flames.
  2. Exposure to water before use may cause it to solidify in the container.
  3. Do not use it on hydrostatic structures. Do not use this product when the temperature reaches 4°C or below and 40°C or above.
  4. Avoid exposing plants or shrubs to the construction site, and take measures to protect windows and other materials that do not need to be treated.
  5. Construction personnel wear goggles and protective gloves as required during construction.
  6. If inhaled accidentally, immediately move to a place with fresh air. In case of contact with skin and eyes, immediately wash with water for 15 minutes, and take off contaminated clothing and shoes for medical treatment.

Packaging and storage

This product is available in 25L and 200L containers in a 0<n≤30℃ environment with a shelf life of 1 year.

Safety Instructions

The information provided here is true and accurate. However, since the conditions and methods of using our products are beyond our control, this information cannot be used for customer testing to ensure the safety, effectiveness, and complete satisfaction of the specific end use of our products.