The Adhesion Promoter Used for paint to promote adhesion

The adhesion is the resistance of the coating to being removed from the substrate. The adhesion promoter for paint is an additive to promote adhesion of the film to the substrate. It has an affinity for the substrate and the applied coating and forms a permanent and strong bonding.

Pre-treatment method of silane coupling agent for filler

The filler is placed in a solid mixer and the above silane solution is sprayed directly onto the filler and stirred. The higher the stirring speed, the better the dispersion effect. Generally, the stirring time is 10-30 minutes (the slower the speed, the longer the time). After the filler treatment, it should be dried at 120°C for 2 hours.

Silane coupling agents are used to promote adhesion between dissimilar materials

Silane coupling agents, which are synthetic hybrid inorganic-organic compounds, are used to promote adhesion between dissimilar materials. They are good at promoting adhesion in silica-based materials such as porcelain.
Silane coupling agents have good chemical stability, low surface energy, good wettability and strong adhesion,

Silane coupling agents used for natural fiber/polymer

Natural fiber reinforced polymer composites (NFPCs) provide the customers with more alternatives in the material market due to their unique advantages.