Application of silane coupling agent in cable industry

         1.Silane coupling agents are used as adhesion promoters for a variety of mineral-filled polymers to improve their mechanical and electrical properties, especially after exposure to moisture. In combination with the inorganic filler, the surface of the filler is hydrophobized, This effect improves the compatibility of the filler and the polymer, resulting in better dispersibility, lower melt viscosity, and easier processing of the filled plastic.

         2.The silane coupling agent modifies the ultrafine powder active halogen-free flame retardant produced by aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide, which fundamentally solves the problem of superfine particle agglomeration and insufficient modification and uneven dispersion. The flame retardant is widely used for flame retardancy of wire and cable, engineering plastics, decorative materials, paints and fabrics.

         3.Silane coupling agent is widely used in wire and cable manufacturing to process cross-linked polyethylene composite fillers (AL(OH)3, Mg(OH)2, quartz, titanium dioxide, etc.) to improve the physical properties of the filler and protect the interface from moisture. It is possible to increase the filler fraction, which triples the tensile strength, and increase the dielectric constant by a factor of 10.


•Improve the agglomeration of inorganic powders.

• Give hydrophobicity to inorganic fillers.

•Improve the interfacial bonding between inorganic fillers and polymer materials to obtain better mechanical properties

Recommended silane coupling agent in cable industry