Resin Coated Sand


In casting process, many natural and synthetic resins are used as mold and core sand binder. Because the structure and properties of sand and resin are very different, it’s not easy to combine with chemical bonds or penetrate and dissolve each other. So their connection are mainly by the mutual attraction between molecules on the interface. Therefore, the coupling agent is usually used to enhance the bonding effect, which is to enhance the bonding force of interface between the resin mold and sand particles.

    The addition of silane coupling agents can not only improve the strength of resin coated sand, but also combine the resin and sand through chemical reaction, while reduce the total gas evolution, reduce the defects of the castings, improve the high temperature performance and thermal stability, thus effectively raise the quality of the castings and reduce the cost.


●Phenolic resin and furan resin are important synthetic resin adhesives for foundry industry.

●Resin is modified with silane coupling agents to obtain high strength resin materials.

●Improve mechanical strength and processing strength of foundry resins.

Recommended silane coupling agents for foundry industry

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