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Two-Component structural silicone sealant A and B adhesive

Two-component transparent epoxy resin adhesive,it could solidified at normal temperature, and below characteristics: low mixing viscosity, good defoaming and high transparency; Mix color with color essence and mixing homogeneity. It can be used for a long time at room temperature and can be cured quickly at medium temperature. Excellent mechanical properties and low shrinkage after curing; The advantages of curing material include good light transmittance.

Pre-curing index:
Checking EpoxyInspect Condition& MethodEpoxy resin(A)Hardener(B)
AppearanceEyeballingTransparent Clear LiquidTransparent Clear Liquid
Density25°C g/cm³1.1~1.20.9~1.1
Viscosity25°C pa.s800~1000200~300
Storage TimeRoom temperature and ventilation12 months12months
Post-curing index:
Item Units & Conditions2010A/B
Volume Resistivity25℃、Ω、CM4.0×1015
Surface Resistivity25℃、Ω2.5×1014
Dielectric Strength25℃、KV/MM23
Linear ExpansivityCM/K<6.0×10-5
Water Absorption100℃/1H、%<0.4
Vitrification Temperature>100
Operating Temperature-60–120