Vinyl silane refers to an organosilicon compound with chemical formula CH2=CHSiH3. It is a derivative of silane (SiH4). The compound, which is a colorless gas, is mainly of theoretical interest

HENGDA-ME6103 vinyltriβ-methoxyethoxysilane

Enhances electric property and mechanical strength of EPDM filled with inorganic filler, cross-linked polyethylene and its polymer or resin. Its performance is especially more remarkable under the hygrometric state. Adding it by using the blend method, it can be used as the surface treating agent for the pottery clay and siliceous inorganic filler.

HENGDA-M6103 Vinyltrimethoxysilane

It’s an important crosslinking agent for crosslinked PE and it only need simple equipment and few investment. Moreover, it can be easily controlled when compared with common peroxide crosslinking and radiation crosslinking. Due to excellent electrical properties, heat resistance and stress cracking resistance of the silane cross linked polyethylene, it’s widely applied to wire, cable insulation and sheath materials.

HENGDA-E6103 vinyltriethoxysilane

The product is mainly used in cross-linking of polyethylene; surface treatment of unsaturated polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene resin and other glass fiber reinforced plastic; composite of special coatings; adhesives; surface damp-proof treatment of electronic components; surface treatment of inorganic siliceous filler and it can also used in surface treatment of middle layer of compound glass.